Art in the Hotel

Wherever you look, a lot of beautiful things will catch your eye.

A holiday at the Hotel Exquisit is also associated with the enjoyment of art.

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Akram Sultan

The German-Indian muralist Akram Sultan has contributed a lot to the design of the rooms in the Hotel Exquisit. He is strongly influenced by the culture of his father, originated in India. However, in the paintings of Akram Sultan the story "Siddharta" by Hermann Hesse plays an important role. In this story the main character goes his own way, frees himself from social predestination and finally finds himself and Buddha.

His unique paintings decorate the walls of our swimming pool and relaxation area. With the incomparable view of the breathtaking mountain landscape you can enjoy quiet moments and let your mind wander.

Bild AndO (1)
Bild AndO (1)

Andreas Ohmayer

Concentrating on the essentials and by reducing the classical forms, new sculptures are created that contain a perfect combination and harmony of traditional and modern elements.

  • Born in Oberstdorf in 1973
  • Education as a wood sculptor
  • 2 years art school for sculptors in Italy
  • 2 years master school for the wood sculpting handcraft in the master school for stone, wood and gold in Munich
  • Acquisition of the master title for the wood sculpting handcraft in July 2003

Lala Aufsberg

The well-known art photographer (1907–1976) captured the life in the Allgäu with her camera and here at the Hotel Exquisit you can admire some of her photos.

Her estate comprises a total of 13,000 black and white photographs depicting people working, the flora and fauna of the Allgäu and atmospheric landscapes.

Artists, painters, poets & co. from Oberstdorf

Surely you have heard of one or the other famous personality, but do you know that some famous artists, painters, poets & co were guests in the Allgäu? We would like to introduce you to some interesting personalities:

  • Carl Zuckmayer (1896 – 1977): The author and playwright is known for works such as "Der fröhliche Weinberg", "Barbara Blomberg", "The Devil's General" and many more. After the Second World War he was a guest in Oberstdorf several times when he visited his parents who were living in Oberstdorf.
  • Waldemar Bonsels (1880 – 1952): The writer is best known for the story of "Maya the Bee". He was a guest in Oberstdorf in 1922.
  • Johann Strauss III (1866 – 1939): He was a musician, conductor and composer and was the nephew of the waltz king Johann Strauss. In the summer of 1932 he was a guest in Oberstdorf and stayed in "Haus Johanna" on Mühlenweg road.
  • Richard Strauss (1864 – 1949): The musician and composer is known for his operas "Salome", "Elektra", "The Knight of the Rose", "Arabella", "Ariadne on Naxos", "Daphne", "Der Friedenstag" and many more. Richhard Strauss was a guest in Oberstdorf in 1926.


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